Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gamble All Your Moneyz!: UFC Fight Night 29 Picks

Demian Maia will stop Jake Shields via TKO in 4 rounds.
Dong Hyun Kim will take a close/split decision due to superior position (takedowns and top position) 2 out of 3 rounds over Erick Silva. I have a hard time calling this fight b/c I think after the Jon Fitch'ing Silva got he's hopefully learned to work his wrestling. That, and that slam/TKO/injury Dong Hyun Kim endured at the hands of Demian Maia is hard for me to shake out of my mind

Maldonado will dish out slightly more brain damage than Beltran and win a 3rd round TKO over Joey Beltran

TJ Dillashaw will take out the slowly fading Assuncao who had his best days in the WEC

Mike Pierce will drop the ball like he did against Koscheck and Palhares will tear something of his as Pierce frantically tries to tap in the 1st round.

I honestly don't care for any of the other fights on the card.


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