Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magid Hage: Specializing in being a specialist

Hard to argue with getting so good at something you consistently catch black belts with belts that know that's your thing.

In Judo, we call it Tokuiwaza.
"Tokui" meaning favorite or pet, and "waza" meaning technique.

In standing or nagewaza in Judo, your game is built around usually roughly 2-3 techniques, and everything else is a compliment to those 2-3 techniques.
Ultimately, however, you have one throw that is your specialty. You learn how to do it against tall, short, stocky, lanky....everyone. You learn how to do it against every grip, every posture, every stance, and then a counter to the counters you face most commonly and even very rarely.

I can even tell you the most common responses to the various grips with which I attempt my Tokuiwaza and how most players react once the throw continues to the ground.

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