Friday, October 4, 2013

Rodrigo Cavaca Leaves Checkmat (Professor to Buchehca)

"It's been real, bro, but I'm moving on."

In a big, big, big, big announcement, Cavaca has left Checkmat (and more notably perhaps) and takes with him 120 affiliates.


“I write to announce my departure from Checkmat BJJ along with my 120 affiliates. I’d like to thank team owner Leonardo Vieira for all this time we spent together, where I learned a lot – I’ll always be thankful, – and to also thank all the friends I made over these five years on the team."

“I take pride in having represented this team with all I had, where I achieved the greatest results in my career; and, even under another name, everything I experienced there will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll always be rooting for all my friends and wishing them all the best. I hope everybody can look at this act objectively, for it was done in the interest of professional growth."

“I’m going after professional fulfillment, always grateful to all who have helped me. Soon we’ll be making further announcements. Thank you very much — Rodrigo Cavaca.”

The rumor mill/gossip folks part of me wonders what exactly "professional growth" implies, but I'll leave it at that.


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