Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UFC Primetime: UFC 166 - Cain Velasquz vs Junior Dos Santos III - Episode 1

I guess I'm supposed to be excited about this fight.
It is a good point that each guy has looked absurdly dominant in at least one of their prior bouts.

I think JDS benefitted from Cain's ring rust in their first outing and caught him.
Cain just battered and battered and battered JDS the second time around when he wasn't rusty.

I don't know why, I guess it was the dominance in the last fight that makes it hard for me to be excited. I will say this, Cain's conditioning in that fight was preposterous.
Maybe it's hype, but Dos Santos did seem pissed about the discrediting of his 1 round drubbing of Cain several years ago. JDS was also, from what I've read/heard (whatever that means) going through a divorce with his wife who was also his manager. The episode also purports that he got Rhabdo (the muscles disintegrating into your blood stream thing) prior to the rematch with Cain.

Time will tell.
Time reveals all things.
I had a fight for which I overtrained and I can tell you, it's like being awake in a nightmare. I took more punches in one fight than I've taken in the 4 other fights I've had. Your mind is willing but your body simply does not pull the trigger.

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