Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's MMA Multimedia Mailbag Deluge - UFC Fight Night - highlights barely worth watching -

How the Mighty have fallen?

UFC Fight Night.....well, it happened.
That's about the best I can say about it to be honest.
It actually feels disingenuous that they've even cut together some footage from these fights and purport them to be "highlights".

Watching TUF UK Alumni barely plod through their bouts (one of the best fights ) was the Irishman Norman Parke vs Jon Tuck which opened the fight card.

It was a dismal affair going forward.
Pearson vs Guillard could have rewarded my forgoing of a Saturday afternoon but by the time Machida headkick TKO'd Munoz, I was just ready for it to be over as my mac n' cheese had grown stale and it was time to do something other than watch mediocre fights.
The UK really does get 2nd and 3rd rate fights.
The only fight which took place that had any relevance: The non-fight that could have made this card almost worth watching: This fight was so boring it wasn't worth even watching: Alessio wobbled the guy you've never heard of but left his arm in alllll the way up by the guy's head, asking to be armbarred....and he got armbarred: This fight happened. It was okay, I guess.

This was one of the best fights of the night/afternoon:
My personal favorite: losing to the guy who didn't even make weight and has missed weight more than he's made it in his weight class. Professionalism? Say what?

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