Friday, October 25, 2013

Missing Weight: How to Act Surprised - John Lineker Edition My favorite part is how everyone acts mystified when things like this happen: "Lineker was on pace to make weight before his body simply stopped sweating in the hours leading up to his time to step on the scales. Even worse, he started again after the ceremony ended.

 'We got in two days early, and we were on track,' Davis said. "It seemed everything would be fine, but then he locked up, and the weight simply would not come off anymore. And even stranger, the minute he got off the scales and was in the backstage area, he started sweating again, even though he had not sweated at all since last night."

Sure, bro. Maybe missing weight two times previously was a tip off.

This isn't Ultimate Parking Lot Fighting Championship.
It's the premier mixed martial arts organization in the world.

Missing weight 60% of the time you fight in the big show is pathetic.

It's okay though, bro, you're in good company.
I guess...or something.


  1. New Halloween costume: carry around a towel and a cheeseburger. You're John Lineker. Bam.

  2. for the new wave fan. Anthony Johnson is the choice of purist/nostalgia ufc meme fans.