Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Otavio Sousa Being Otavio Sousa

I've stolen several parts of my game from Otavio Sousa.
I've stolen the sit-up guard lapel feed he utilizes in the first half of this match and the lapel feed from guard he does to set up what eventually turns into an armbar.
Otavio switches from the spin under with the DLR hook/lapel feed to keep from getting smashed and alternately feeds the lapel or the close hand/sleeve to eventually set up the sweep with a cross lapel grip/foot posted on the far knee/leg but loses the advancement due to a restart.
I remember watching him as a brown belt at the Pans (I believe)  using it to finish one of his matches before he lost to Kron in a match he was ahead on points (Kron is the statistical anomaly in BJJ when it comes to coming from a point deficit to winning).

At any rate, against a clearly heavier opponent, you see two parts of Otavio's versatile game.

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