Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Product Review: Toro BJJ Purple Rain Rashguard



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Price: $30.00. I've never had any Cageside or Toro BJJ gear wear out or break down. Solid construction and quality gear.

Fit: Good fit, snug, but not too tight or uncomfortable around the neck. It made my arms look pretty swole' today which is a pretty big bonus for me as a featherweight.

Material/construction: not too thick, feels light but not cheap. So far hasn't irritated my skin like some other rash guards. I've had rash guards that eventually when training for extended periods hang down all soggy and wet like a t-shirt but this hasn't been a problem in this rash guard.

Flare/Panache/Style: I mean, it has the outline of Prince on it. What else could you ask for? Subtle yet understated. Sparkling let muted.


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