Saturday, October 25, 2014

UFC Embedded Conor McGregor in Brazil: Aldo vs Mendes

The hype train builds for Conor McGregor....what's amazing is that on some level, he must already be in Jose's head. Jose must hate that Conor likely makes more money than he does despite his short time in the UFC. On some level, it must irritate him that Conor is featured more in the embedded clip than he is as the title holder.
Like it or not....Mendes and Aldo are, at this point, supporting cast on the Conor McGregor show.
It will be a fight that sells itself. Conor's hype and braggadocio versus the stone cold ice of Aldo. It has all the earmarks of a classic build up. Two nations which are rabid fan bases and two completely opposite personalities.


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