Monday, October 13, 2014

Keenan Cornelius vs Tanner Rice: IBJJF NoGi World Championships

Some thoughts/observations:

Keenan sweeps from RDLR at 1:15ish with a nice follow-up to looking to invert underneath and with that right arm gripping/lacing past his own RDLR hook onto Tanner's thigh for the grip, he knocks Tanner back onto his butt and comes up on top.
Tanner immediately looks to counter/invert himself but Keenan breaks contact and prevents the sweep.

Keenan quickly looks to bullfighter pass with ankle grips the second Tanner is slow to address the grips on his ankles.

Again at 3:25, Tanner and Keenan bump hands/fists and Tanner falls back almost flat and the second Keenan grips his legs he nearly passes yet again.

Again at 3:40 and yet again at 4:24 it continues. Tanner is lazy to address the grips and Keenan very nearly passes/forcing Tanner to invert.

Off another inversion to address the near guard pass, Keenan sits back on the kneebar and gets the tap.
The real mistake came from the position he was in from the losing the grip battle and eventually ending up in the position enough times that Keenan capitalized.


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