Monday, October 27, 2014

UFC 179 Monday Morning Hangover & a Dry Several Weeks/Month of UFC-Style Fighting

Well, Chad Mendes is now in Urijah Faber-ville.
In his own right, he was far more competitive with Jose than Faber was.
At the same time, he's dropped two to the champion and now he's relegated to knocking off whatever title challengers come long.
Mendes' stand-up looked great, especially compared to his first bout with Jose, but other than a couple errant attempts, perhaps a more diverse gameplan would've better suited him in terms of winning more than a moral victory.

The card was pretty meh overall.
I found myself playing with my phone and far more interested in talking to the people I was with during the Dariush, Magny, and Davis fights.
And as the title fight became a kickboxing bout I found myself also less than aesthetically pleased.
We went 3 weeks I think without a UFC, and now we'll go another few weeks until November 7th's Rockhold vs Bisping:
"main CARD
UFC Fight Pass, 10 p.m. ET
And then the next day we get:
"unknown CARD                                                                                
The only real card we have coming up anytime soon is November 15th when we get an Interim HW title bout with Werdum vs Hunt. Hunt is somehow due to the injury prone HW division, now fighting for an interim belt in the UFC. Who would've thought that after seeing him lose via Keylock to Tuscherer in his UFC debut?  But, that's the fight game folks. On that card we also get:
Diego Sanchez vs TBA, Bermudez vs Lamas who probably wont be title contenders because the UFC wants to plug McGregor in that slot and then some other fights with people whose names you won't recognize.
Following that card, there's a fight night card with Cub Swanson taking on Frankie Edgar and Brad Pickett back in action, but then we get to the first week in December and get to see Lawler and Hendricks rematch. I think Lawler takes it and Hendricks continues to not use his wrestling.
The good news is that card also has Pettis vs Melendez and Travis Browne vs Brendan Schaub.
I'm not going to cry oversaturation.
Say what you will, Conor McGregor has pumped some life into the UFC this year. He polarizes, people pay attention, internet traffic shows if nothing else people pay attention when he speaks. Jose Aldo basically refuses to hype his fights.
Barao is now out and Dillashaw has mixed up the division somewhat and now faces a looming date with Dominic Cruz. Jon Jones  and Cain are on the shelf. Pettis will defend his strap and hopefully not get hurt.
It's been a tough year for the UFC in some regards. We've had injured champs and some real gatekeepers hanging around that sell tickets but likely won't beat the champ no matter how many times they try.
I've been watching moderately entertaining Bellator cards on Fridays but that combined with some of the lackluster fight nights and PPV's and UFC's on FOX, it's getting hard to be overly excited about more than one or two fights on a card these days.

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