Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Skill of Self-Confidence

Conor McGegor's meteoric rise comes to mind again. He says it enough and be believes and so do others. What is of supremely interesting to me is whether it will remain in the face of Jose Aldo when the cage door shuts close?

Dustin Poirier looked beaten in the first 30 seconds of that fight.
Chad Mendes had it on his face when he fought Jose Aldo the first time.
You saw it spread across him when his first takedown attempt was stuffed.
The question to all of the above then is who's armor cracks first? Aldo has the definitive edge in experience. McGregor has the advantage I think others have not had against Aldo which is that he is irrationally self-confident. I remember seeing Sonnen put it on Anderson Silva the first fight. Sonnen went out there irrationally self-confident and battered Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. Other guys ala Rich Franklin were defeated before the fight even began.

I read an interview where Donald Cerrone talked about red light and green light thoughts. Red light thoughts are ALL forms of negativity. Any form of doubt.

I've learned to catch myself before during and after matches to not even let my mind consider HOW tired I am. My response to the beginning of that line of thinking is simply "push" or "keep going".
When you let the tiredness or the weariness become tangible in your mind it spreads like cancer and you fold.

Compared to my competitive days in Judo, I won my first tournament with two throws, each under something like 20 seconds. It was a powerfully formative event in that in my mind winning in Judo felt and seemed natural. I went out in my next tournament and hammered away at a brown belt amongst others and beat him on pure aggression.

The feedback I got from the environment was powerfully building my self-confidence.
I walk on the mat literally feeling like no one in my division belongs on the mat with  me.
I have an irrational level of self-confidence.
I did a Judo tournament a week after my 3rd MMA fight which was by far my worst beating I'd taken in my 5 fights. Despite that crushing loss, I won two divisions/weight classes and defeated every competitor by full Ippon.

Self-talk and self-expectation are powerful tools which will fulfill themselves.
You are responsible for what you put into your body as well as your mind.
Negative self-talk and doubt will crush your ability to succeed if you are not wary.

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