Thursday, October 2, 2014

Deconstructing the Fail: Advanced NoGi

Rocked my Cageside MMA/Toro BJJ sweet purple rain rashguard and shorts for my 2nd Advanced NoGi division ever. It was my teammate, two black belts, and myself.

I  open the match by securing the takedown points with an arm drag to kouchigari/inside trip. I eventually posture up and look to pass and decide to give up top position and go for a toe hold which is Fail 1.

I get to my sit-up guard at about 1:25 and stand up with an opportunity to score an additional takedown but my opponent pulls guard/with a guillotine as soon as I let go of the leg, meaning I don't get the add'l takedown points.

Fail 2:
Around 3:16 I fail to address the butterfly hook which leads to a nice NoGi Berimbolo by my opponent and eventually concede the sweep points to him.

Fail 3:
Around 4:30, I am lackadaisical with the waiter-type position and my opponent steps over into full mount and I'm forced to turtle to escape mount/avoid mount but give up my back/rolling back take in the process.


1) reconsider willingness to dive on a toe hold while up on points and in top position

2) insist on coming up to top position like at 4:30

3) Be more proactive in establishing butterfly guard or x-guard rather than being passed


Purple Rain Rashguard by Toro BJJ: first rash guard I've worn in about 3 years. Fits well, material feels good, not scratchy or too thick like some I've tried on in the past.

Toro BJJ Fight/grappling shorts. Good fit, not too long or straight legged like some NoGi/board shorts I've tried in the past.

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