Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pick Your Poison: Bellator 130 & UFC 179: Mendes vs Aldo Picks and Prognostications

It's been 3 weeks without a UFC PPV. After 2 weekends in a row that had double booked UFC events, it's been a nice breather. I don't know how I can believe Mendes will somehow in 4 fights time have become a striker who will do what no one has done to Aldo, but that's what the highlight/countdown/narrative/fairy tale marketing strategy would have you believe.

The subplot is that basically, Mendes won 4 fights and no one else has done enough to warrant a title shot.
Scintillating? Not really.
Truth? Yeah, pretty much.

At any rate, the co-main event is two guys coming off of a loss (Teixeira in a title shot and Phil Davis dropping some spots due to Anthony Johnson who despite now making his weight class limit and KO'ing fools, is out while the UFC looks at alleged domestic violence.....le sigh). In other action Beneil Dariush tries to rebound from a loss, Fabio Maldonado will incur more brain damage and wing some punches, and Jiu-Jitsu stars Yan Cabral, Wilson Reis, & Durinho Burns will see action. The main card itself of 179 doesn't do much for me honestly, but there's enough smattering of talented guys mixed throughout the bouts that I'll plug my 4 hours of my life into watching it after some open mat Jiu-Jitsu early in the day.

My picks are as follows:
Aldo by debilitating stoppage as revenge for perceived insults from team Alpha Male.
Teixeira who will punish the gun shy Phil Davis and beat out of him a unanimous decision.
Maldonado will win a favorable match-up against some guy you've never heard of.
Lucas Martins will win by submission
Beneil Dariush will win by submission.
Neil Magny will win an entertaining stand and bang affair.
Yan Cabral will win by submission.
Jorgensen will continue his slide into obscurity and lose by TKO to Wilson Reis.
Felipe will win because that's my nephew's name.
Burns will take down and submit some guy I've never heard of.
Fabricio will beat some guy I've never heard of.

"main CARD
Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET
Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes
for featherweight title
preliminary CARD
UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET
Fabricio Camoes vs. Tony Martin "
In the B squad of MMA, but on cable television which means more accessible if you're lazy, Bellator brings a mildly interesting card with Emmanuel Newton and Rick Hawn amongst others. Bobby Lashley is fighting too, for whatever it's worth.
I've found myself mildly enjoying Bellator cards as I've seen several as of late: either while working the door downtown at my side job because it's on cable TV or when I've been on the road to compete and referee for US Grappling, chilling in the hotel room the night before the tournament.
I've got Emmanuel Newton winning an entertaining fight with Vassell. Bobby Lashley looking mediocre but still beating some guy with less notoriety than him.
Rick Hawn vs Dave Jansen is a really good fight and one that's hard to call. Dave Jansen is a guy who I've always liked watching fight as he is truly a mixed martial artist. The judoka in my heart wants Rick Hawn to win but he's looked hit or miss at times in the past few years. Dominating some guys and losing other fights (Michael Chandler comes to mind). I'll have to go with a split decision win for Rick Hawn with a lot of clinch time and him winning by moving forward and a few more takedowns.

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