Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conor McGregor: Welcome to My Office/Mindset of a Champion

"Success leaves clues."

Give credit where credit is due.
There are lots of talented athletes who come and go in the UFC.
Even among the champions, how many chart a meteoric rise and not only talk but fight their way into title contention in the murderous featherweight division atop which sits the nearly unflappable Jose Aldo.

He also understands, as he says "I know that Conor vs whoever sells more than Cub/Frankie versus whoever."
The reality then is also the truth: this is a business in addition to a game of fighting.
Other athletes unwilling to craft a persona and demand and earn and hype deserve to win 10 or 11 fights and go without a title shot ala Jim Miller et al.

Other athletes can bemoan McGregor's favoritism from his UFC bosses but the guy has people tuning in and people chanting and singing and the like. Finishing all of your UFC opponents but once since signing with the organization doesn't hurt your star's shine either.

Part of the reason I find Conor McGregor intriguing is all of the above. He walks forth, talks, and in his mind expects all of the above.
He has thus far walked the walk and talked the talk.

As a fighter and competitor who many who know me will readily acknowledge I haven't fought or competed to my potential; I find the discussion of mindset and the like incredibly prescient and of interest on a personal level.

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