Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Morning Productivity Killer: How to Fuel Your Racecar

When I was younger, I could show up hungover or having not eaten right and my young, healthy, testosterone-fueled body could grind out impressive workouts.

Sunday is my day to prepare my breakfast and lunch for the week at work. I scramble eggs or hardboil them, boil sweet potatoes, and also bake some chicken for the week. I've cut back on red meat and ground beef though it is cheaper.

Each year I've seen the onslaught/encroachment of age and how much more necessary it is to cut back on drinking, eating empty food, or even being lazy and not eating much after hard training sessions and overall to ensure that sleep and diet ALLOW me to maximize my training.

How to eat Healthy for BJJ (for close to) Under $50 per week:

Some other nutrient dense/super easy foods to pre-make/prepare for the week:


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