Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Closer Look: McGregor vs Poirier and Siver vs Kelly, and MMA Math

In case your hype train needed some extra coal to get going out of the station, here's a look back at McGregor's most recent fight.


Unlike some complainers in the MMA media, I'm interested in this fight. McGregor was a breath of hype and excitement in a year marked by some otherwise terribly lackluster cards for the world's premier mixed martial arts organization.
There were whole cards which basically had one fight I cared about. Some fading stars, some injured champs, and though last year closed out well, there were months where I didn't mind missing UFC cards at all. At any rate, I don't see Siver as much ofa different style match-up for McGregor. Siver has a mean spinning back kick but I think his arms look even shorter than Poirier's and Siver I think will be an easier target for McGregor. That being said, barring an errant back/ear/side of head shot like the one Poirier took, I see Siver lasting a bit longer.

Siver punches better backing up, but opts to put his head down and wing it, a plan I'm sure SBG coach and McGregor have taken into account in their training. Siver bounces around more and punches backing up more than Poirier who just never looked very comfortable against McGregor. Siver throws in more front and high kicks but I don't see those being a game changer in this fight honestly.

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