Friday, January 16, 2015

My Picks for UFC Fight Night 59 Boston: McGregor vs Siver

In retrospect after each UFC event, I find that I was hopeful for more finishes than almost ever happen.

I used to do a fair bit of MMA/sports gambling/betting but got out of habit/practice when I stopped fighting after I blew out my knee.

In fact, I didn't watch much MMA for nearly two years. I still follow the sport, but sport Jiu-Jitsu is my focus for now and don't follow the events with the same focus I once did. If you look at some of the fights for who/what Joe Silva would be thinking/betting/planning, the betting makes more sense.

That being said, I'll bet with the statistics on a bunch of unknown fighters on the card. I don't know much if anything about the guys outside of the main card other than Howard/Larkin.

There's some good fights on the undercard for betting, especially with a number of guys with a number of losses that seem to suit the finishes of their opponent.

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