Tuesday, January 6, 2015

White Belt's 60 Second Guide to Polaris BJJ PPV This Weekend

Keenan will finish Marte in less than 10 minutes. Having seen Lucas Leite get the quick armbar on Marte awhile back, I don't see Keenan having much trouble dispatching Marte.

Tonon via heel hook scramble in less than 5 minutes

I see a Draw here unless Lister gets the heel hook early.

Telles will patiently grind down Fowler and get the finish by about 8 minutes, collar choke, from the back.

AJ by RNC because it's NoGi.

Silverio is a beast, and I've heard conflicting stories that Kit is actually training now versus not training at all.
Silverio has looked increasingly good at black belt, and especially in the Gi. I have to take him by decision/will go the distance but a match I think will be tough.

I gotta go with Nicolini by back choke/lapel choke because I love her shin to shin guard.

And lastly, I'll take Darragh because he seemed like one of the nicest guys on the BJJ Kumite series.

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