Friday, January 23, 2015

UFC on FOx 14: Picks & Predictions & Prognostications, Oh My!

As usual, I've predicted way more finishes than will likely occur.
Whatever. My main picks and my parlay are here.
I've got Gustaffson, Henderson, and Ryan Bader.

I like Johnson's power, but his wins, and notable wins in his prior UFC run came from outsizing and rarely making weight. His wins at LHW are not exactly notable in the UFC: Kingsbury and Lil' Nog.
He's dangerous and he is definitely a can opener.
His record though requires more analysis than just the highlight reels of finishing ridiculously undersized men.
He's faltered when he's faced top tier competition and I see Gustaffson breaking him mentally and finishing him here. Phil Davis wanted no part of exchanging with Johnson. Lil' Nog has never impressed me in the UFC. His non-UFC list is washouts or never was guys at the big show level.
Not to be unnecessarily harsh, but, he's still in development in my book.

Phil Davis has not filled in the holes in his game. Ryan Bader has only lost to top guys (other than a bizarre loss to Tito Ortiz *shakes head*). I see Bader picking up another win here. When you've only lost to title holders or's hard for me to think Phil Davis will beat you here.

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