Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Idiot's 60 second Betting Guide to UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier Tonight

I'll be working at my other job tonight then resting and hitting open mat to roll tomorrow.
Fortunately, where I work, the fights shall be showing. I'm about as excited for this card as any other in the past calendar year to be honest. Onto my not so expert picks!

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier:
Conventional wisdom is just that....conventional. If Jon Jones keeps it standing he will punish Cormier at range. If Cormier takes Jon Jones down, I mean, a lot of people think it's over. But Cormier did slowly break down Dan Henderson, I don't think he'll mangle Jones on the ground the way he did Henderson. Nothing against Hendo, but this was not on the sauce/TRT Hendo and he looked flat from the gate. Beyond that, however, Cormier is accustomed to fighting heavyweights and lighting them up at that. Granted, I'd take Jon Jones skill level over that of any of the HW's Cormier has fought, what it tells me is that the shorter, stubbier Cormier is more accustomed to dealing with Jones' length than the rest of Jon Jones' resume. At any rate, I don't know how this will go. I see Jon Jones as have more weapons with which to cut open and punish Cormier, and in fact, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict a 4th round stoppage win by Jon Jones via TKO/Cuts. 

Donald Cerrone vs Myles Jury - Cerrone makes everyone not at the very top of the division look silly. That continues here.

Nate Marquardt vs Brad Tavares - Marquardt has simply not impressed me coming into the UFC this time around. That being said, does Tavares have much of a gameplan other than scrap/press you against the fence and get a takedown. That being said I could see Marquardt wilting under the Tavares grind in the event his legs get tired. Not likely in 3 rounds, but Tavares hits hard and does not stop. I'll go with Tavares by split decision.

Josh Burkman vs Hector Lombard - Burkman is good, decent at everything. Lombard will open him up and put him away in the 2nd round.
Danny Castillo vs someone - Castillo by stoppage, probably KO in round 1.
Shawn Jordan vs some heavyweight you've never heard of- something lie 75% of UFC HW fights don't go past the first round. Jordan jumped right into the UFC's most likely division for KO or get KO'd and he picks up a much needed win by KO RD 1 here.
Evan Dunham vs Rodrigo Damm - Despite some setbacks, Dunham is still dangerous as hell. Dunham by submission, RD 3.

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