Monday, January 19, 2015

UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs Siver Monday Morning Hangover - Full Video Highlights, Post Fight Press Conference

As for McGregor vs Siver:
Siver looked good in interviews. Look good backstage.When he was getting checked cageside before the fight.....I could tell it wouldn't last until the 4th round as I'd previously bet.
Siver was done for based on his face. It reminded me a lot of Chad Mendes before his first fight with Aldo. He looked fine in prefight video and such but his look on his face when the referee asked him if he was ready said it all.

Click HERE for ESPN's highlight of the McGregor/Siver mauling.

I went 9-3 with my picks for UFC Fight Night 59 last night.

I had a feeling Larkin might come on strong and get the kill after hearing him speak in interviews that he wasn't using his killer instinct.

McGregor looked good. The jab early on, then setting up long, straight left hands eventually put Siver away as much as him breaking mentally. It's strange to see the moment in some of McGregor's most recent fights when the guys being to chip away and crumble. I don't see it as clearly with other fighters, but it looks like the moment where that tiny seed of doubt they had, that perhaps this guy McGregor really is what he says he is....begins to become concrete and real and terrifying in their brain. McGregor's publicity stunt cage climb is also the first salvo in the beginning of what is going to be a long, arduous, psychological battle between him and Aldo. I am interested stylistically because Mendes (also a southpaw) was able to put Aldo on his *&^ a few times in their fight. I don't think that McGregor has the same power delivery, but his long, straight left hands do seem to erode a fighter in a relatively short amount of time. The real question is the karate/overly heavy stance of McGregor versus the leg kicks that have chopped down many before him. I trust that McGregor and Kavanaugh have been gameplanning for an Aldo fight for quite some time. This is truly the beginning of a campaign I will follow very, very closely.

Cerrone I thought would actually benefit from having fought recently. I thought he would be a bit sharper and not come out as lazy as he has in other fights. He fought almost exactly the fight I thought he would except for abandoning some body lock to takedown transition opportunities in the 3rd round. Fighting twice in two weeks at that level is bonkers if you stop and think about it. He pulled it off. I doubt anyone can ever doubt his man world qualifications at this point. Credit to Henderson for taking the fight against a guy he's beaten by 5 round decision and submission.
Tibau fought much more of a stand-up fight than was advisable and something I think will actually cost him fights in the future. Urijah Hall beat a game Ron Stallings who you could tell put up more of a fight than perhaps Hall expected but those elbows from the top were all that was necessary to put and end to the contest.

At any rate, I also picked up my parlay bet with McGregor, Siver, and Tibau.

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