Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Making Money in Jiu-Jitsu: Reffing

Asked for an opportunity to referee for New Bread Grappling's next event January 17th in Charlotte. I won't get to referee AND compete that day, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to watch some Jiu-Jitsu and get paid to work on my referee'ing skills.

Come out to the event.

There's a magical place where simply loving Jiu-Jitsu means people pay you money. There's a magical place where being good at Jiu-Jitsu means people pay you money. There's a magical place where winning medals in what amounts to an amateur sport (unpaid largely) means people pay you money. How many brown belts can you name? I know Kit Dale. I knew the guys on the BJJ Kumite.
That's it. Are they they only good brown belts out there? No, of course not.
Promotion and sometimes self-promotion (ask Conor McGregor represents a necessary evil - IF YOU are complaining about money or notoriety).
If you pay your way through Jiu-Jitsu, congratulations. If you lament that people know Kit Dale but don't know you, what are you doing every day to become as high profile as him?
Hearing a black belt complain they are broke means they either do not run their business well or simply expect that being good at Jiu-Jitsu entitles them to being paid well.

Do they take constructive feedback on their lesson planning? Do they legitimately ask students who do not return why they left? Are they willing to change with the times?

At any rate, I'm grateful that as a purple belt I am finally able to make some money with organizations like US Grappling and now Newbreed to do something that ultimately also directly helps my competition game and understanding of the sport.

Guys want to post an instagram pic of a sponsor's product and get paid to travel.
It's ridiculous. Loyalty, just like business, is a two way street. Any time one side takes the other for granted someone may take their business or loyalty, as the case may be, elsewhere.

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  1. Congratulations for the invitation!

    There are so many professor who are 20 year black belt but never worked to offer better classes for his students and stays complaining because they have not recognition.

    You have to work on your name. You don't need to be the best, you just need to be what people need you to be and pay for it.

    Congratulations for your post!