Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Because You Didn't Ask: My Thoughts on Silva/Diaz Drug Test Fails

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Diaz now finds himself in Josh Barnett Steroid positive test territory. Once you've been popped for a banned substance 2-3 times, no one can pretend they're surprised anymore when it does happen. If Lineker misses weight (or Johnson for that matter), ever again, we'll all collectively shrug and sigh and roll our eyes. Diaz clearly can't handle the strain of daily life without self-medicating because if it was strictly recreational use, I find it hard to believe he'd have 3 positive results across his career.

Anderson, like other veterans and legends who test positive for steroids, tarnishes something far more deeply than just our perception of them as an athlete or celebrity: they tarnish that belief in technique or design, in training over science.....the death of mythos to some extent is what it actually feels like. I don't think many, if any, will discredit Anderson's career by thinking steroids enable the precision with which he dispatched so many opponents. It does, however, leave that ash in your mouth taste that the question mark attached to his return fight record before what looks like retirement.

I don't really know what it means to me, and honestly, I'm not sure that I'll come away with a much easier willingness to simply willfully forget about it, believe in conspiracy theory, or demonize a guy who has more accolades to his career than just about anyone else in the sport.

Ultimately, he can deny, deny, deny and some will brush it aside in the hopes of avoiding resolving that a great fighter can make a poor decision.
This is the easiest thing to do because our brains desire resolution rather than living with discordant ideas about someone or something.
Or he can face the music and be honest that out of desperation he took a banned substance.

At any rate, it sucks.


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