Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Picks for UFC Fight Night 60: Henderson vs Thatch/This Weekend's MMA Onslaught

There's not a lot of great lines in terms of betting on this card. There's only a couple fights where the lines accurately show a toss up.
Many of the fights are at least as far as conventional wisdom goes one-sided as all get out.


Early on money was on Thatch, which I thought was silly. I went back and watched Thatch's UFC fights and I think he's too big, too long, and similarly poor match-up for Henderson like Rafael. If this was Henderson's way of trying out welterweight, I think he chose about as dangerous a fight as he could stylistically. I wouldn't bet against Thatch in his fight.

As is the case with fights like Holloway/Miller and Magny/Kunimoto. The Lentz fight, unless this Makashvili guy is some phenom, will also be an utter blow out, as will the Makovsky fight.

Maybe some people who know their opponents know something(s) we don't, but otherwise, this card doesn't mean much as far as fantasy or real money cash betting goes. The underdogs are very much just that but I think it will make for a good night of fights.

Friday night, we get some stand n' bang until someone dies from brain damage with Shlemenko facing Manhoef. The line right now shows the smart money on Shlemenko but that's insane. Manhoef punches WAY too hard to ever bet solid money against him and not be sweating the entire course of the fight until it ends. Even when losing, Manhoef very nearly decapitates who ever he is fighting.

And tomorrow night, we get a WSOF card on cable TV.
Not a bad trio of events for a Thurs-Saturday run despite any major UFC belts on the line. Pat Curran fights for Bellator Friday. Cody McKenzie recent UFC critic returns to action on the WSOF card. 

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