Monday, February 2, 2015

This is Why it's Called Gambling: Silva versus Diaz

I posted previously as to my thoughts on wagering on this most recent UFC: Silva vs Diaz.

A lot of intangibles, a lot of guys coming off of lay offs. A lot of "maybe" business in the air.
For every 2-3 or 4 events I pick 6-9 out of 11 fights correctly, there's an event where I go 4 out of 11.
That was Saturday.

My only picks who came through were Woodley, Silva, Brunson, and Alcantra.

4 correct, 7 incorrect.
The only fights I would have put actual money on were Woodley, Alcantra, and Brunson, but the line wasn't great on any of them and McCall vs "Never makes weight" Lineker wasn't worth a fight I thought could go either way because McCall has been inconsistent.

Leites got the finish after Boetsch got whatever you want to call it and was taken down. Boetsch had him hurt, almost finished like I knew he might.....honestly didn't see him giving up a takedown in that fashion.

Lauzon got hurt and was put away. Would have liked to have seen him look to put Iaquinta on the mat much sooner but Lauzon likes that bonus money and we saw what happened. I've always thought Tate was overhyped but she pulled out the win last night.
Mein was doing great out the gate but Alves is as tough as they come (watch his GSP fight for proof) and came back to put Mein away.

I can't even be upset with how the fights fell. I knew Boetsch was a toss up and might finish Leites or get caught. I knew Mein vs Alves was going to be a firefight. I haven't seen the McCall fight and to what extent Lineker not even coming close to making weight played a part, I don't know. I'm irked the fight took place and money was won or lost whenever a guy doesn't make weight by such a wide margin.

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