Thursday, February 26, 2015

UFC 184: Rousey vs Zingano UFC Gambling Picks & Such

Ah...what was to any rate, maybe one day in a land of cupcakes and rainbows Weidman will fight non-TRT Belfort.

As it is, Saturday I'm competing at the Toro Cup as part of an invitational day of Gi matches, you can watch here at Cageside MMA's website where the stream should be embedded. After that, I'll be eating something delicious, and celebrating after a lot of weeks of hard training.
I'll eat, watch the UFC, get some rest and be back at it training Sunday morning.

March is a busy month of competing with the Toro Cup (technically the last day of February), the Ultimate Grappling event the 7th of March in Norfolk, Hayastan Grappling Challenge the 14th in Charlotte, and the Submission Only event for US Grappling March 21st in Virginia Beach.

I think there are some great betting lines for the upcoming UFC, not so much for the female fights where due to Rousey obliterating everyone of her gender in her division in each title defense and because Holm needs to be groomed as a payday/match-up for the under-challenged Rousey we have some heavy favorites.

I think the Roan Carneiro, Tim Means, and Koscheck fights are all good options.

I don't like betting against Munoz, because he's only lost to guys with names like Machida, Weidman, et al, but I think Roan Carneiro may be on the upswing and Munoz' lost to Machida so quickly he has me doubting if he's a top tier guy/for much longer if at all.

I also find it odd the bookies have Walsh as such a heavy favorite over Jouban. I think the Ferguson fight is tough to pick as well in that Tibau just seems to almost always gut out the decision, and I definitely had him picked to win over N. Parke but not via the picking apart stand up style hemployed over the course of the 3 rounds.

Yamamoto is in Frank Mir territory with me wondering how the dude even gets fights any longer and I just can't bet on him to not find a way to lose because he's gotten real good at doing that these days/years/whatever. Krause should pull out the W against a guy I've never heard of and the last fight is two complete unknowns so on paper, it's anyone's fight come Saturday.

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