Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ACL Reconstruction: Day 1

Been perusing this blog today, the BJJ Mind. Check it out.

This morning, I had my ACL reconstructed.
I tore it approximately 10 months ago. Due to work and financial issues, I had to put it off for quite some time. I managed to continue training and compete in several tournaments in the meantime, but now, I begin the long road back home.

The blog isn't going to become a recovery log, but for the benefit of those with knee surgeries, or ACL injuries, I wouldn't be helping the BJJ/Judo/Grappling community if I didn't blog and catalog my experiences.

I completely tore my ACL, had several tears in my meniscus, and fracture the the smaller bone in the leg below the knee. In NoGi class, a teammate picked up a single leg, and as I went to spin out, I felt/heard a loud pop. My teammate, approximately 185 lb's, had a deathgrip on my leg and had it completely immobilized which I didn't realize as I went to spin out.

At any rate, my leg healed (or so I thought) and I continued training until approximately 3 months later a heavy white belt jumped and basically hung around both my legs and fell back with all his weight, causing my knee to slide out of place, fracturing the bone, et cetera.

At any rate: Day 1

The surgery lasted approximately 90 minutes.
I had a "block" which was a shot in the upper left leg and then went under general anesthesia.
I came out of surgery and was in pain as the block did not completely block the pain.
But, once I was given medicine, I felt better.

I was discharged and have spent most of the day in bed. I drifted in and out of sleep from about 1pm until 630 or so.
The pain has been tolerable. I'm currently taking hydrocodone for pain, along with an anti-inflammatory, and something else to help with the nausea as strong painkillers make me sick.

I actually feel better than I expected in regards to the pain.

Anyhow, I go back to see the doctor in a week and will discuss physical therapy options. On the plus side, my doctor expected to find multiple tears in the meniscus but instead found none.

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