Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interview Thursday: Lloyd Irvin & Jimmy Harbison

Decried. Respected. Doubted. Detracted. Called a Con man. An internet marketer. What have you, whatever.
The verdict may be out on Lloyd Ivin's character, but anyone who takes a guy you've never heard of (Keenan Cornelius) and coaches him through a system whereby he wins weight and absolute at the Euro, Pans, Worlds, Brasileiros (and weight at the World Pro) is a man that you should listen to as to how his mind works.And, as Lloyd reminds the audience in the interview, Harbison did a similar feat in the brown belt in 2011.

Internet marketing or not, there is truth and insight to be gained. 

Above all, Lloyd comments on not making fucking excuses.
Many of us are recreational players.
But some of us, those that are on the cusp of training semi-professionally could benefit from some of Lloyd's no nonsense talk.

If you train 2-3 days a week, the above is not for you. If vacation means getting drunk all day and chasing pussy wherever you are, then the above is not for you. However, if you are like me, and you fill your vacations training 2x a day, and plan trips around places you can train. If your vacation is built around a major tournament, then you should watch the above. It may give you the motivation to truly begin setting your lifestyle around grappling and competition or just being the fucking best that you can fucking be. This isn't for everyone. But, the approach to training, the deliberate training, the focus on weaknesses and aspects of your game requiring improvement, can help everyone who steps foot on the mat.

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