Thursday, July 12, 2012

BJ Penn Retirement Alert: UFC 152 feat. BJ Penn vs Rory McDonald

This is your face after fighting the coward, Nick Diaz. BJ's words about Diaz being a coward, NOT mine.

BJ is looking up at the clock/waiting for the beating to end, Diaz is still being a coward.

If you remember watching BJ looking up at the clock while taking a hellacious beating from Nick Diaz, you'll know what I mean. You may also remember BJ calling Diaz a "coward" after the fight, despite Diaz handing BJ his worst beating since GSp made him quit (then BJ got his mom to testify to the commission that GSP greased and tried to kill her son. True story. Sadly).

BJ's talked retirement after losing to Frankie Edgar, to GSP, and to Diaz.
This will make 2 decisive beatdowns in a row for the Hawaiian, 1st American BJJ black belt, and 2 weight class UFC champion.

I'm calling it now. BJ will retire after Rory beats the brakes off of him. Rory has too diverse a game and too much gas in the tank for BJ's boxing and shuck and move style he's adopted against most of his opponents as of late. I see BJ eating a knee to the face while his big head ducks too low, and Rory comes flying in to capitalize. BJ was lucky against Diaz who has a largely one-dimensional (thought highly effective stand-up style against anyone not named Carlos "Prefontaine" Condit) style on the feet.

You heard it here first.

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