Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday's Grab Bag: Who are Gunnar Nelson and Hector Lombard? And Megaton Knows Kouchi Gari

No, seriously guys. The purple lipstick matches my tie.
Gunnar Nelson to the UFC. Renzo's black belt who earned his faixa preta in 4 years (?). He's got a perfect record thus far, so here's to hoping we see some more top flight grappling in MMA (*ahem* Roger Gracie....)
   - an extra treat: The Icelandic Guillotine. Is is the grappling equivalent of the Troll Hunter? Is it as rare as a unicorn? Or is it just a folk tale to scare children. Click and find out.

For those unfamiliar with Shango, here is the UFC's newest most hyped MMA import: Judo Olympian, Hector Lombard:

And here is Shango doing some Judo from quite awhile ago:

To mix it up, here's the one and only Megaton teaching a nice kouchi gari from the feet to get the two points in BJJ competition without exposing your back:

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