Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview Thursday with Felipe Costa: From Losing to World Champion

Interview Thursday is here.
Got some interesting feedback from yesterday's post, in particular from, more on that later. Sometimes I doubt that much of the Judo community in America even cares that we haven't made it to the Olympic Podium nor the World Championship Podium in ages. Or that most of our clubs are non-profits where the teachers do so for free. You can see how this trickles down to retention of kids and athletes in the sport. Clubs want to do what they've been doing for 30 years and watch the sport whither and die out.

Before I digress too much, today features Felipe Costa, a guy who had never won a major tournament before black belt, as he discusses Jiu-Jitsu for smaller players, and the mindset to continue going in the face of adversity and minimal returns/rewards from competition.
This is a favorite interview of mine as it touches on continuing despite not seeing the results you want in competition and what it takes to continually stay on the grind and going back to the drawing board. It also touches on something to which I can attest, which is that training with considerably larger players will lead to injuries. Period.
Without further ado, here is Felipe Costa:

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