Friday, July 6, 2012

UFC 148: Cody McKenzie on Living the Life

If you couldn't tell by his Guy Fawkes mustachioed picture above, Cody McKenzie is at least mildly eccentric.

He spent his time working on fishing boats to afford full-time training. He's gone into debt when possible to afford training. He's trained all over, from time at Team Alpha Male to most recently spending time in Stockton with the Scrap Pack of the 209.
 - "I saw this cool little drawing of (Street Fighter character) Ryu when I was walking down the road, and it said something like, 'Quit your job, something or another, train every day, and live free' or some [expletive]," McKenzie told Radio ( earlier this week. "I really like that because that's how I've been for the last eight years of my life."

Never one to shy from dangerous opponents, he fought on the Ultimate Fighter tapping 2 of his 3 opponents with Guillotines including first round pick Justin Stevens.

I've posted about his guillotine wins here, his specific version of the guillotine, and his jiu-jitsu on display in losing to Vagner Rocha.

In his first fight at 145 lb's, McKenzie has chosen a guy who just fought for the belt, has never been submitted in his MMA career and has only lost to Jose Aldo. The tough to beat Chad "Money" Mendes.

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