Friday, July 27, 2012

Late Night MMA/BJJ Update: Frank Mir Vs Daniel Cormier, Paulo Miyao is Too Old

In short, Frank Mir (since he's fought most of the HW division is going to head over and be a gatekeeper/UFC intro for Cormier even though it won't technically be a UFC fight) .
Cormier was last seen taking apart perennial top 10 (not in the UFC) HW contender Josh "I pissed hot 3 times" Barnett".

Other than that, Paulo Miyao (yeah, spiral/berimbolo/inverted guard twin brother) won't be able to compete at the Rio Open b/c he wasn't purple the mandatory 18 months, and already did a CBJJ/IBJJF tournament as a brown belt.

BTW, who is at the IBJJF fact-checking this kind of stuff anyway? Lest, it was a butthurt competitor who scouted it and "anonymously" passed the information along. Sad, but very, very f'ing likely.

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