Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag!

Yes. It is Monday...and yes, the weekly escape from working for the mysterious man and his minions in faraway ivory towers has passed. Back to work wretches.

But if I can block out the pain of Lombard's UFC debut/loss to Boetsch (who will not fight for the belt, mark my words), you can sip your tepid coffee and see some highlights from the weekend's razmatazz bonanza of cage-contained face-punching and related combat/grappling sports news. 

To help with the brutal boredom inducing main card of UFC 149, here is the only GIF I could find of Ryan Jimmo's robot celebration dance after a 7 second KO of Anthony Perosh.

I could post about Lombard's choice to showboat and pose and pretend he was a champion in the UFC in his first fight and get outworked by Tim Boetsch, but it's a painful memory to watch and I'd rather pretend I didn't get excited for a UFC debut this one last time.
 Time for some multimedia to get us through our coffee mugs and make the bright office lights slightly less painful. Without further ado......

A former Judo player hits an inverted Heel Hook at Bellator. What is the world coming to?
Karl Amoussou (aptly named the "Psycho") gets the submission with an inverted heel hook after tripping his opponent off the kick.
Amazing when you see something that is diagrammed in an MMA stand-up book and it works like clockwork. To make the BJJ players feel better, click HERE for a video of Amoussou losing to Jacare in short order by armbar. 

Matthew Riddle hit a sweet head and arm choke (or arm-triangle if you prefer) after Clements missed a spinning elbow/punch/whatever. Riddle tied it up, stepped around, put him down and squeezed to finish.
I've routinely hit this in MMA sparring with 16 oz. gloves on, so when people tell me no one ever hits the standing arm triangle, or that it's a fluke, I tell them "bullshit".

Here is the inimitable Ilias Iliadis training montage to motivate you to train hard after (probably resting over the weekend).

Go train hard. The scenic hillside/mountain/valley view from Georgia is optional.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu news, Leandro Lo (winner of the Lightweight Copa Podio Grand Prix) won the Copa Podio's Middlweight Grand Prix down in Brazil. In related news, Guto Campos beat the noted Abi-Rihan earlier in one of the event's two superfights.

Who has two thumbs and won BOTH the LW and MW Copa Podio Grand Prix events?
This guy.

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