Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get to Know Hector Lombard: UFC 149 Countdown Video Edition

What's that? If I destroy and/or dominate Boetsch I might get a title shot?
Weapons set to "kill" and "beast" mode.

So, despite the fact that most of his great KO's are Bellator footage and the UFC can't use it to hype him for this weekend, Hector Lombard is featured on the UFC 149 Countdown show.
When the signing was first announced, I blogged about it HERE.

In terms of high profile/high expectation signings, Hector is probably the most recent one in memory with this much expectation riding on him/surround him. Brock had a lot of hype, but he did not have the background as a professional prizefighter to warrant as much high hopes as is the case for Lombard.

Detractors/doubters point to much of his record is over less than stellar opposition but he does hold wins in smaller shows over name guys like Brian Ebersole, Kalib Starnes, James Te Huna, Joe Doerkson, Trevor Prangley,  and Jay Silva (all current or former UFC fighters). "Shango" has only lost (by decision) twice. I haven't found footage of those fights, but losing a decision in a smaller show can be like flipping a coin depending on who's reffing, who's judging, and what country or state you're fighting in.

How Lombard gets it done: Lombard brings a lot of KO's, heavy hands, and a typically aggressive style. He is literally, despite the overuse of the analogy/hyperbole, built like a Tank. Despite being an olympic Judo competitor for Cuba earlier in his life, his aggressive T-Rex arm hooks and punches have demonstrated their power in his 17 wins by TKO/KO.

Boetsch is pointed to by  many as being a durable, tough guy who will be a stern test for Lombard in his UFC debut as he has 4 fights in the Octagon already.
I am less than impressed as Boetsch was losing the fight with Okami until a well-time uppercut turned the tide. The stoppage was definitive, but Boetsch in most of the fight leading up to that, however, was not.
He's beaten Okami, a fight I'd say he would lose more than half the times out of 10 if they fought, but that's about the most he's made out of his Octagon time other than decisions. I don't see him being a legitimate threat to stop Lombard. Lombard however has the power to stop plenty of people at 185 as his record proves.

How Boetsch gets it done: decision-ing Nick Ring, Kendall Grove, and Todd Brown (a guy who lost 3 in a row in the UFC) in his UFC wins  and in the meantime dropping kimura/submission to Phil Davis (a bright star but largely unfinished diamond in the rough).

I see Lombard tagging Boetsch early and swarming him for a TKO in perhaps 3 1/2 minutes.

A small bit of MMA lore is a gym war that took place between Lombard and (Heavyweight) Josh Barnett. The two apparently battled it out for quite awhile and resulted in Lombard leaving Paulson's place.

Looking forward to a new name to debut in the 185 lb. class in the UFC this weekend. Anderson's 37, and his time in the sport is waning. An aggressive, potentially ultra violent striker makes for an interesting potential stand-up as Lombard does not seem afraid of anyone on the feet.

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