Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Osoto Gari/Sumi Gaeshi in BJJ Competition

This match is from a little over a year ago at another US Grappling event (those guys run awesome tournaments). It ends with me (blue gi)  re-injuring my knee when my opponent hits a low single and impacts the inside of my right knee and I lose via injury despite being up on points. That's the nature of the beast/competition.

Earlier in the match you'll see an Osoto Gari counter following a sprawl by me (:50) and then also a sumi gaeshi (2:08).

Let's start with what sets up the throws/takedowns and then discuss my failed uchimata attempt (3:45).

From the start, my opponent has a pretty standard BJJ bent over/defensive posture. I saw underneath he was wearing a wrestling team t-shirt so I was a little wary of the shot and him trying to shoot off of breaking the grip (which he actually does the first time he shoots). He is doing the standard wrestling grip/infighting and controlling my right bicep by cupping it with his left hand. I adopt a higher shoulder/lapel grip and eventually he unwisely reaches outside my arm (adopting a much weaker grip and conceding my control of the grip on that side).

I use my higher grip to keep him bent over and relatively out of position to do much from this range.
He pulls guard and I begin to address the pass but he changes his mind and comes back up with a weak single leg grip. I try my outside trip with an over the back grip that I usually hit to get the other guy moving, see how he reacts. At :38 you can see he has the inside grip but my elbow tucks inside and his high on his lapel, again negating any control he might have.

It's only when I break his 2 on 1 grip on my hand that he takes the opportunity to shoot and gets semi-deep on my hips. But as I sprawl and we come back up, I take whatever grip is available (overhook/whizzer/whatever) and step across for a osoto gari-ish takedown into top position.

I get top position and get greedy/try to slide directly into mount, forgoing the underhook battle b/c of the grip I had during the throw.
By 1:11 I'm in quarter guard, trying to open the space and slide into mount.
Around 1:30, I'm way too high in mount and he gets his right elbow inside as well, making enough frame/leverage to escape.
Like my coach often says, "the problem with Jiu-Jitsu, is that it works."

My opponent escapes and we're back to the feet.
At 2:04 I hit the slowest sumi gaeshi in history and come to top position to begin addressing the open guard.

Let's move on to my fatigue-induced failed uchimata combined with a poor grip and exposing my back.
As we get to our feet, I am out of position, he steps around and I go for my uchimata counter (3:45). But my grip is weak and my back exposed.
He won the takedown b/c as we came to our feet I was hunting for my left grip.
He had both of his grips set. I did not. And thus, my counter failed.

One last bad thing: at 4:45 when I walk forward I cross my feet, meaning I step forward alternating my feet. This is why I am unable to sprawl effectively when he shoots. Due to fatigue and lack of concentration on my part (ala Bochecha and Rodolfo), I am caught off-guard, leading to my knee injury. Crossing your feet the way I do here in walking forward is a cardinal sin at the higher levels of Judo.

Osota gari counter off the sprawl (the best time to attack is immediately after you've been attacked.
Sumi gaeshi to top position.
Passed the butterfly guard.
Allowed opponent back to his feet 2 times too many and paid the price by losing AND getting injured.
Late in establishing grip led to a weak-counter which led to being taken down.
You'll also notice the curve of my back. My posture is moderate at best many times when I'm on top. Head down, butt sticking out IS NOT the way to play your top game. Spine straight, hips forward creating pressure IS THE WAY to play your top game.
Crossing my feet when walking forward leads to being unable to sprawl effectively and being taken down b/c I'm not in the position to effectively counter.

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