Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday News Flash: Ze Mario Sperry Takes it Back to Black, Olympic Judo 2012,

You may not have been following the MMA-coaching revolving door drama that is gym life, but the one and only Ze Mario Sperry will be helping the self-dubbed Blackzilians down in Florida. You'll find at the link that Cyborg has predictably been making his way up from Fight Sport as well. I haven't seen Cyborg in previous news from the gym so Ze's appearance my have the long-time self-supporting brown belt (now black) seeking some mentorship.
Ze is well know in BJJ, vale tudo, and in the history of the combined sports thanks to Day of the Zen, likely the first documentary many of us saw (other than Choke).
Here is the inimitable Ze in Day of the Zen:

For those that missed it, here is Hiraoka losing to Galstyan in the final of the 60kg in the Olympics for Judo. Amazing how quickly it ends in the last match of the bracket.
It's a mindblowing few seconds that decides the match.
Galstyan hits uchimata but Hiraoka kills it. Then grabs for the Khabarelli pick-up, Galstyan avoids and right as Hiraoka shuffles his feet, Galstyan steps across to set up the harai-makikomi.
- A lifetime of training, and a match, decided in a split second.

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