Thursday, August 2, 2012

Play "Predict the Hangover": UFC on FOX 4 Edition

Last time around, our ignominious winners were none other than Hector Lombard, Nick Ring, Urijah Faber, and Brian Ebersole.

Who's it going to be? Who do you think will fall short on Saturday's 8pm UFC on Fox 4?

I'm going with Bader, Vera, Manvil, Varner, and Josh Grispi as the short list of those who will fall short. Granted, I'm something like 45-41 over the past 7 UFC events when it comes to picking winners and losers.

- Shogun blasts through Vera who realizes very quickly he doesn't want to even try to withstand the Shogun swarm. I see Vera trying to clinch when things get rocky, Shogun having none of it and pelting him until it ends in short and brutal fashion.

- Machida is still one of the best and I believe he only struggled against Rampage due to a choice in training camp to utilize different footwork over the first 1 1/2 rounds.

- Manvil Gamburyan will finally leave the UFC where he's rarely looked like he belonged.

- Varner, though resurgent is only a fight away from a slide that was halfway to Jens Pulver status.

- Josh Grispi hasn't been the same since Dustin Poirier ran roughshod over him. I don't know what changed from the WEC to the UFC, but he has looked every bit the shell of his former self.

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