Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview Thursday: Ryan Hall

Whilst I was chilling at US Grappling Richmond this past weekend, I was lucky and fortunate enough to look over and realize Ryan Hall was sitting next to me.
I thanked him for his triangle series back in the day as it was the first video I ever saw that got me consistent submissions as a lowly white belt.

At any rate, I figured he should be the centerpiece for Interview Thursday.
He struck me as a completely normal guy, who was surprised I even recognized him.

Oh, and Hector Lombard was injured (so as to explain his dismal performance against the guy he was supposed to buzzsaw in his debut).

Cerrone thinks he has dibs on Pettis after (he assumes) he'll beat Guillard this weekend. Cerrone should beat Guillard unless he turns in a fight like he did against Nate Diaz.

On to Ryan Hall borrowed from Open Mat Radio:

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