Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag

I went 6-4 with my picks Saturday night.
Though, I don't really count Henderson's win b/c honestly, he lost that fight fair and square in my opinion.
Ken Stone won't be getting my bet anymore, after seeing him get TKO'd again by a guy I've never heart of.
Shields won but hardly looked impressive insomuch as he couldn't finish Herman despite having his back and mounting him at different intervals after getting early takedowns in at least 2 of the rounds I can recall despite having had a few beers at that point.

Oh, and Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez II is booked for the end of the year card on Decembter 29th.

Highlights from Saturday Night:

Frankie Edgar (not quite robbed, but not getting the nod from the judges) vs Ben Henderson

Donald Cerrone rescuing victory from the jaws of defeat with Guillard

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