Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday (MMA) Mailbag: Women's Edition

Women's MMA is currently Rousey's World. Other women are just living in it.

 this is refreshing. She had a lot of things to say after Rousey tore virtually every ligament in her arm and bent it 90 degrees the wrong way, but it looks like common sense is telling her she has some things to address before she takes on the female arm collector that is Rousey.

- Watch replays of the event today and tomorrow if you have Showtime or Showtime HD.

- Rousey tells Cyborg to get off the PED's and meet her at 135

- Cybrog refuses meeting at 135 and asks to leave Strikeforce

Rousey Vs Kaufman HL:

Miesha Tate Vs Kedzie HL:

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