Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Grappling Linkage: Disruptive Innovation,the Chicago Open, et al.

 1) Lex Fridman competed at the Chicago Open recently. Some commentary, matches posted, and odds/ends about traveling to compete (a necessity for those who are anything more than recreational players).

2) I try to keep the psychological-mumbo jumbo-science of progress and such-stuff to a minimum, but I came across this post over at The BJJ Mind. 
I'll be posting more about this, but it can be boiled down to the idea/belief/premise that "the worlds of business and technology to describe how newer, “better” ways of doing things will upset existing methods and eventually overcome them."
   - I've talked about the reticence of both sides or different factions of the grappling communities to isolate rather than cross train or experiment.
  - I have met precious few instructors that will send a player/competitor to cross-train or supplement training elsewhere.

3) - run by a good friend of mine and training partner

4) - BJJ-centric links submitted from across the internetz

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