Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Massive MMA Multimedia/News Mailbag

Worthless Apology of the Twitter Day: Jon Jones is sorry to everyone whose weekend, training camp, bank account he royally f&$%#ed. Keep digging that hole, bro. 

Travis Wiuff's Cinderella Man run through Bellator and other regional shows comes to an end via TKO in the first round at Bellator 73. Wiuff holds the unofficial record for fighting more weight classes than anyone else in MMA. Attila (cool name!) Vegh wins a shot at M'Pumbu (yes, the guy Wiuff already beat) to close out the light heavyweight tournament for the year.

In other odd Bellator news but you knew it would happen eventually news, Eduardo Dantas reigning bantamweight champion lost to Team Quest's Tyson Nam down in Brazil (insert reference to the problem of champs fighting outside of their organization).

Shocker of the Day: Rousey says Cyborg can make 135 if she's not juicing/cheating/roiding/whatever.

As I blogged about yesterday, Braulio Estima won his MMA debut:

Sheriff's Deputies say that Chad Mendes sucker punched a man in a bar and have charged Mendes with Battery.
As a witness or otherwise to similar events tells me that just because a cop or a sheriff's deputy says it happens means nothing once everyone heads to court.
It could just have easily been portrayed as a Huerta-esque style event depending on what people said or think they saw after the fact.

AND....Ken Shamrock assaulted a woman while breaking up a fight. The kicker is, he didn't realize it was a woman at the time.

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