Friday, August 31, 2012

TMA Friday: More 10,0000 Hour Rule & Terrible Ninjas

1) If someone told you they could learn BJJ (with no prior background) from watching a video, you would tell them they're wrong.

I don't know why people think they can learn Judo (with no prior background) from watching a video.
Or that they can learn a throw by only drilling and not doing it live/in a dynamic setting.
That's not how you learn BJJ and it's not how you learn Judo.
Don't be that guy.

2) I blogged about it HERE, the 10,000 Hour Rule:
Despite my knee injury, I've been able to start back doing uchikomi (in the video below) for Judo as well as some footwork drills.
I figure if I can average about 400 uchikomi per session, at 3 sessions per week, I'll hit 1200 repetitions a week, then 4800 per month and have totaled 19,200 uchikomis (and the rate per week will increase as my leg gets stronger, especially the last 2 months before my being cleared for sport again, I'll probably average about 300-500 per day.
There is a lot of debate about static uchikomi on the internetz, I personally feel it is a fundamental part of developing good form and unity of body movement for your tokui waza or "pet techniques". When I regularly compete only in Judo I average about 500 per day 5 days a week and perhaps depending on the content of Judo practice another 200 at night.

On to the TMA Craziness!
Ninjas are probably my favorite Traditional Martial Artists. Their belief in their secret abilities borders on the cult-like. I have also never actually seen someone with Ninjitsu training use it effectively in a dynamic situation. Perhaps, that is their secret. Hmmm.
At any rate, in college, I remember watching the Ninjitsu club doing what can best be described as almost completely wrong versions of classical Judo throws and beginning to wonder if years of Chuck Norris movies had lied to me. I then rolled with several of them and felt like I was tossing small children with degenerative diseases around the room like I was the Hulk.

Nothing like someone teaching Turtle defense that doesn't even know the proper nomenclature.
Good thing people are paying this fraud to teach them "self-defense".
Here's Ninjitsu in theory:

Here's Ninjitsu in practice:

Crazy beard?
Black outfit with multi-colored belt?
Crazy name for Dojo with references to abstract qualities and/or nature?
Reference to invisibility or secret techniques?
Instructor clearly thinks he is teh most deadly person among hundreds?
We have a Ninja!

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