Saturday, August 11, 2012

Predict the Hangover: UFC 150 Edition

Ittttt's Time.

Anyhow, for my picks I have Henderson finally putting away Edgar (unlike the last bunch of Edgar fights in the UFC) as he'll pour it on more this time and batter him more convincingly for a 4th or 5th round late stoppage. Henderson has become more and more dominating in each of his UFC appearances. A hard to submit guy with a guillotine has become an animal throwing kness, punches, kicks, takedowns, submission attempts and punches along with the kitchen sink. This fight will be a bloodier, more dominating version of the first.
Edgar wakes up with a hangover via 4th or 5th round TKO.

Those discounting Shields are counting his poor UFC showings at 170 and a bad weight cut against Kampmann. Before that Shields was serving guys like Lawler, Daley, and dominating Dan Henderson double Gin & Tonics for trips to the promised land of Blackout-ville. Herman will likely on instinct finish a takedown following some strikes that get through Shield's porous stand-up defense. Shields will quickly turn the tide and finish Herman. 
Herman wakes up with a hangover via 2nd round submission.

I think as long as Cerrone doesn't turn in a mind numbingly stupid performance like he did against Nate Diaz, he'll tap Guillard in a round or two. Guillard was mounted with little in the way of defense inside the first round of an unheralded newcomer to the UFC in his most recent UFC appearance. He won't escape such a position against Cerrone. Cerrone has one of the best transition to submission games in his weight class (watch his first fight with Ben Henderson for proof among others), and Guillard seems impossible to not avoid dumb lapses in judgment in his fights.
Guillard wakes up with a hangover via 1st round submission.

Jared Hamman wakes up with a hangover after 4 min's of the first round due to taking one too many shots to the chin/face/jaw.

Eiji Mitsuoka is bartending tonight and Nik Lentz is on a bender.
Nik Lentz wakes up with a hangover via split decision.

Bermudez wins against a guy I've never heard of.
Hayden wakes up with a hangover the likes of which you have after your first weekend in college.

Justin Lawrence dishes out a TKO stoppage to the guy with the creeper 'stache.
Creeper-stache aside, Holloway gets TKO'd in the 1st or 2nd round for another freshmen weekend type college hangover.

Okami is serving up penny draft tonight and some guy I've never heard of has a fistful of dollar bills and some girls from his college dorm on his arm that he wants to impress.

Dustin Pague and Ken Stone are also getting tossed some softballs and lightweights which should make them look like the best damn bartenders on the prelims in the business.

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