Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Rousey's Armbar (Gracie Edition)

Last week, I linked the Eddie Bravo breakdown of Rousey's armbar win over Kaufman. This time, I'd like to look at the Gracie breakdown for comparison.
I'm also interested in seeing how another BJJ-centric player interprets a very Judo-centric armbar.
No one get butthurt b/c I called the armbar Judo-centric.
I've seen far more Judo players (myself included) attack the arm with this sort of transition to the ankle-grab turnover. I've been taught this in BJJ class as well, but for whatever reason, I see more Judo players adopt this approach to taking the arm from the back (especially the turnover part).

1) to see how it is interpreted differently by another person with years of grappling experience.
2) to see how that experience articulates its own personal perspective/understanding of the move.

Great grapplers don't always make great instructors. And great instructors don't always make great grapplers. One of the hardest things to do is to attempt to understand something from another person's perspective. Looking at grappling as a Judo player instead of as a BJJ player. Looking at grappling from a wrestler's perspective instead of a Sambo player et cetera. Seeing the armbar transition as it applies to MMA rather than a Gi-based grappling event, et cetera.


  1. I do love these Gracie breakdowns. Somehow I just discovered them.

  2. they got yanked for awhile for using UFC footage, but now they've found a way around that, they're back. pretty good breakdown for the grappling portions of what's happening.