Friday, June 14, 2013

Metamoris II Best and Most Ridiculous Quotes/Commentary

2 Things not to do when you put on the least grappling grappling match in recent memory:
1) Spin it like you had a great, smart, effective game plan
2) claim that anyone who comments on your lack of willingness to grapple is uneducated
3) By extension of the above, insult people who actually paid to see your event

"They let the crowd pressure them into making mistakes."
"The crowd who is not usually knowledgeable...."
          - Brendan Schaub

The first time around, much of my rant about the Metamoris was production-related: the starting late, the nonsensical commentary of that random guy who looked confused, and the clear effort to sell a very particular type of non-sport yet self-defense Jiu-Jitsu disguised within a sport Jiu-Jitsu professional level tournament.

This time around, my distaste focuses on one of the above and some stylistic choices made by competitors: hearing the absurd attempts to legitimize Schaub's behavior was atrocious at best.

Braulio choosing to stalemate Rodolfo's guard passing with that lapel/foot grip rather than, y'know, like, grapple was also irritating to watch.

Victor Estima stalemated JT Torres' guard passing, but was also trying to finish with a variety of leg and foot attacks. Watching Braulio simply stalemate Rodolfo to wear him out then go for a kneebar after 19 minutes and Rodolfo finally passed was anti-climactic at best.

And, of course, who can forget the Schaub/Cyborg debacle.

The Best Quote of Metamoris 2:
"If you don't want to get caught in anything, stay home, my man."
          - Cyborg

5 Most Ridiculous Quotes from the Cyborg/Schaub non-match:

"I've never ran."
        - Brendan Schaub

"It's the exact opposite of MMA."
         - Rener Gracie

"Remember when Silva was fighting Demian Maia and they were actually booing Demian Maia. This is the complete opposite. They're booing the guy on the ground. "
               - Ed O'Neil

"You had to know he wasn't going to actually grapple with you."
               - Ryron Gracie

"Rener, Do you think Brendan's losing at this point?"
"I think... he's losing in terms of what people want I think, which is to engage, to grapple, be careless." 
                - Ed O'Neil to Rener Gracie

"[Referring to Cyborg] he's not able to implement his game."
"[Rener laughing]...what's funny is that...I'm very curious what the judges are going to say."
"Schaub's not playing the game. He doesn't want to roll around."
          - Rener Gracie

In case you missed it, at one point, someone in the crowd yelled: "Go tournament Jiu-Jitsu".


  1. How about when Rener said " The people that are saying they want more submissions are uneducated"

  2. Hoefakker - it was hard to choose amongst all the gems in the 20 min's of the match and the post-event conference.