Friday, June 14, 2013

This Weekend's Massive MMA Multimedia Preview Mailbag

It's a busy weekend folks.
I'll be working at my two other weekend jobs tonight and Saturday night, meaning I'll be furtively checking my phone while checking ID's to see how the fights pan out and Sunday after Olympic lifts and Judo practice I'll find a coffee shop whereby I will hopefully see the highlights.
It's a tough time in the recession, but I'm grateful for any opportunity to make money.
UFC 161 should provide some clarity (I highly emphasize "should" because you know how the baldfather is with title shots and number one contender bouts) as to the LHW title picture.

We've got some clarity in the other divisions. The logjam has temporarily subsided for the 155 lb. class as with TJ Grant decisively stopping Gray, he'll face Ben Henderson August 31st, Frankie Edgar lost enough times in a row he'll seek greener pastures elsewhere and BJ Penn is basically retired.
Alexander Gustaffson will face Jon Jones which I think after Jones figures out the range, he will take down Alexander and tap him (ala how Gustaffson lost in his UFC debut to Phil Davis which people forget during the hype reels of Gustaffson stopping the likes of Matyushenko). Gustaffson has the frame to give Jon Jones problems, but Jon Jones' team and gameplanning should keep him out of any real danger. That being said, I don't see Rashad Evans or Dan Henderson having the style or build to stop Jon Jones, though, I'm interested to see if Machida would do better the 2nd time around as he has the style to frustrate anyone in the division.

As for the other belts, Anderson Silva faces Weidman then Vitor Belfort (this I think will be more competitive this time around. It sounds clich├ęd, but I think Belfort just simply got caught. I hope, however, he does not attempt too many spinning back heel kicks against the Spider. Trying off the wall stuff did not end well for Chael Sonnen).
Renan Barao and Dominic Cruz are out injured as is Demetrious Johnson.

And Cain is set to rematch JDS relatively soon as well.

At any rate, this weekend we have WSOF and UFC 161. You'll probably recognize 2 of the match-ups on WSOF which is still in that "debatable as to how many meaningful match-ups they can piece meal together with their roster" territory, but fights are fights.

Rashad Evans vs Dan Henderson:

Roy Nelson vs Stipe Miocic:

Stand n' Bang Alert - Pat Barry vs Shawn Jordan:


If you care about the WSOF Countdown video, here's Jon Fitch:

Burkman may have the belt, but Fitch beat him before, and Fitch is coming off having only lost to a handful of the world's best people in his weight class:

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