Wednesday, June 5, 2013

VIDEO: Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" Vs Rafael Mendes - Mundials 2013

Augusto shoots from a million miles away and Rafa pulls closed guard.
Rafa begins immediately with a cross lapel grip, and Augusto counters by trying to stuff Rafa's left hand across/down against his chest. Rafa looks to grip 2on1 with Augusto's left arm, and Augusto again continues trying to smash Rafa's left hand flat against his chest.
A lot of gripfighting from inside the closed guard.
Rafa's guard opens as Augusto stands, and Rafa goes to the omoplata position on Augusto's left arm.
Augusto slips his arm free and Rafa immediately goes into the berimbolo with Augusto turning his knee out and down and the jockeying for position midway through berimbolo gets into full swing with Rafa reaching up for Augusto's belt (the grip of death). Augusto creates enough space during Rafa's invert that the berimbolo fails and Augusto immediately looks to pass with his right grip on the leg, in a tripod position. Rafa gets his knee shield up and Augusto puts his base super low.
Rafa tries to sweep to 50/50 but Augusto has done his homework and defends very well, again ending up addressing Rafa's knee shield/looking to pass. They end up in more of an open guard, Rafa tries to hit an arm drag, but Augusto again, looks to have done his homework and is sharp in countering Rafa's attempts. Rafa goes back to knee shield and gets his cross lapel grip but Augusto, knee in the middle strips it immediately whilst looking to then immediately pass and they end up back in closed guard. Rafa again grabs the cross lapel grip and Augusto counters again by smashing down Rafa's left grip onto his chest. Rafa tries a cross grip scissor sweep, the guard opens and in the scramble Augusto backs out to back on the feet. Rafa grips the cross lapel from sit up guard, pulls Augusto in but again, Augusto's balance is impeccable and avoids the sweep. Augusto must have really studied Rafa's gripping b/c that's where it appears to breaking down for him from bottom. Rafa again inverts, but Augusto again creates space, turns the knee out fails to the inversion to berimbolo. Rafa ALMOST takes his back and to escape is forced to concede 50/50 guard. Augusto does a strange counter and feets Rafa's lapel down around his own leg within the 50/50 (?!(*(#*@)?????)
Rafa comes up from 50/50 (flashback to Cobrinha) and gets 2 points, tying it up for points with Rafa  up by a single advantage and Mendes has a penalty. Rafa appears frustrated as Augusto is rocking from 50/50 to create momentum to come up and Rafa attacks the foot to score an advantage with a toe hold/Comprido.

Reminiscent of his matches with Cobrinha, they end up in a strange one-legged hopping 50/50 man scissor position with Augusto eventually escapes and hops onto Rafa's back, give him 2 advantages t one over Rafa with something like 7 seconds to spare.

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